What Makes Great Blog Posts?

What makes great blog posts?

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Blogging is a mature field today – there are millions of active blogs and articles available, so anything new has to be truly impactful to count as great.

You want to publish great blog posts, here are a few things to think about:

Content is foremost

Share something new, informative and if possible, insightful. If it’s info, write about a topic you know well and substantiate with data (don’t forget to mention sources). But it doesn’t have to be words – you can do a picture or a video blog or a combo of text and media. In case of the latter, make sure your pictures are well shot, focus on your subject and importantly, show it in a new, interesting way.

Tone counts

Each of us has a unique voice, and there’s no wrong one, provided it matches your content type. A parenting blog can be funny or whimsical, a lifestyle blog will sound better when conversational. On the other hand, business writing generally needs to be formal.


Don’t forget aspects like grammar, semantics, word usage etc. A blog piece, no matter how awesome, will lose its audience if it has a chockfull of errors. Don’t stress it if this is a weakness – use tools like Grammarly or Hemingway App to help you. Avoid convoluted, long winded sentences – keep it short & simple.

Whatever you say, be authentic. Despite the saturation of content, new posts and blogs (sometimes with rehashed content) are always going viral.

So share your words the best you can – all it needs is some thought and finesse!

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