The only thing that counts is the needs of your audience!
Workshops & Events

Understanding Social Media – what works and how to leverage it.

Which channels to choose and why?

Go Free or Pay to Play?

 If you’re not a Brand, you’re a Commodity!
Workshops & Events
Workshops & Events

Is Brand Building a ‘nice to do’ or is it essential for your business growth?

Smart, simple (and free) ways to create a Brand that stands out!

Your Business Plan is a living, breathing document!
Evaluate your Business Plan with Win Thinks
How to create and evaluate a Busienss Plan
Learn Business Planning with Members of Tuesdays Together, NJ

Why you need a Plan at every stage of your business?

What your Business Plan is NOT!

Is your Plan a slam dunk or a miss?

Learning is most effective when it’s interactive!
Workshops - Digital media and brand building
Workshops - Smart on Social
Workshops on Brand You

Events with Maroon Oak Co-founder Aditi Tandon
Workshops & Events


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