After a Hiatus – The Comeback Mom

It’s a fact of life. Lots of women – with steady or even flourishing career paths –  choose to take time off for being a full time parent. Taking a step away from work to raise a family can be matter of both great pleasure and some personal sacrifice.

A few years later, you want to return to the workplace for any number of reasons.

But, oh the challenges!

The working world feels changed after a lot of years, as might your industry. Skills become outdated, new ones need time to acquire and then there is that crisis of confidence.

Once you overcome all this, your years away might still mean that the employers are willing to hire you for a lot less than your experience or talent deserve.

But don’t lose heart. Or hope, for that matter. Returning to work after a break needs your best strategy and some tenacity but it’s doable. Absolutely.

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Published on LinkedIn in November 2015



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