Make Facebook Work Better for You & Your Business!

Making Facebook Work for you & your business.

The merits of having a Facebook Business Page are numerous and well known. First off, it makes you easier to find on the web. Unless you are a big company with deep pockets, a Google search for your company name will most likely show your Facebook Page before it shares your own website.

But beyond visibility, any venture, especially small businesses can use Facebook to inform, sell or promote their products & services.  Individuals can use Facebook as a means of payment to friends or to announce milestones in family, career or life. Apart from its enormous reach (5.9 billion page visitors each month) and easy user interface, Facebook offers loads of freebie features (often unnoticed) which your business can truly benefit from.

Here are a few  ways to use Facebook to your advantage:

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Published on Maroon Oak in March 2016



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